Project Cars Developer’s New Console, ‘MadBox’?

Ian Bell, CEO and founder of Slightly Mad Studios and Creator of the game Project CARS, just announcing their new console called the ‘Mad Box’ this month. Bell described their new console to be “The most powerful console ever built” that will run the game at 4K resolution and up to 120FPS. It said that it will be supporting VR headset at 60FPS, same as Playstation VR. Ian Bell announced that the company will also be shipping its very own game engine for free to developers. The company does not intend to have exclusive titles for their console, but that’d be up to the developers themselves.

The Creation of ‘Mad Box’ is still on early stage where they still don’t know the design concept for this new console. He post some of the designs for their new console on twitter to asking for a feedback.


But today (11 January 2019), Ian Announced their design concept for their new console after hearing a lot of good feedback for this design

He also added that 3 large conglomerates that will help funding the whole project. But even then, their new console is still on early stage, which is still gonna take years to finish. The Playstation 4 itself takes 4-5 years to create even with large company like Sony.


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