eSports officially becomes an Olympic discipline

It was during a press conference organized by the Filipino Olympic committee and the Razer company that we learned that eSports will be integrated as an Olympic discipline in the next edition of the South-East Asia Games (SEA), the regional equivalents of the Olympic Games which takes place every two years and is organized by the International Olympic committee.

razer sea games esports 2019

Thus, during the next edition of the SEA in 2019, eSports will become an official discipline with the creation of six games challenges: 2 for the console category, 2 for the PC and 2 for mobile devices.

For the time being, only one title was announced for this new competition: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which is a very popular video game among our fellow Asian friends. The rest of the other titles will be revealed December 15th.

Perhaps Dota 2 and League of Legends will be part of the competition. The international Olympic committee will have a right to whether or not agree upon the selected titles. The games must not “promote violence or gambling behaviour”.

Concerning the E-athletes, they will have to pass qualification tournaments.
The best of the 11 participating countries will be selected for this competition.
This announcement surely raised hope among the amateurs of eSports.

This is not the first time this subject was brought up and fans around the world demanded the inclusion of esports in the Olympic Games.
As for us in the west, this matter remains delicate whereas in Asia, the discipline could be economically benificial.
Perhaps one day we’ll see it propagate internationally especially that the next international olympic games will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

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