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The studio Pierrot has unveiled the total duration of Black Clover Anime via the official website,  which will be 51 episodes.

The site has unveiled the program of the animated adaptation of the manga Black Clover of “Yûki TabataIt” in its  DVD & Blu-ray section . The series will be divided into 5 boxes, DVD or Blu-ray, and will include 51 episodes. In addition, the anime will include 4 opening credits, and 4 ending credits in total.

Black Clover Anime

The program of Japanese physical releases is as follows:

– Box 1: Episodes 1 to 10 (release on February 23, 2018)
– Box 2: Episodes 11 to 19 (release on May 25, 2018)
– Box 3: Episodes 20 to 29 (release on July 27, 2018)
– Box 4: Episodes 30 to 39 (release on October 26, 2018)
– Box 5: Episodes 40 to 51 (release on January 25, 2019)

Black Clover Anime

The questionhoweveris whether or not the anime will decide to invent its own end, or if a sequel will be scheduled a little later. Note that a very similar recipe had been adopted for “Twin Star Exorcists” Anime and have been quickly announced on fifty episodes at the beginning of its broadcast.

the anime is broadcasted on Crunchyroll. The first five episodes are available for subscribers, the rest will only be able to access four episodes. Currently In Japan, 13 volumes have been published for the manga.

Black Clover AnimeBlack Clover Anime

– Synopsis:

“Yuno” and “Asta” grew up together in a world ruled by magic,  with only one goal in mind: to become the next Mage-Emperor of the Clover Kingdom. However, although “Yuno” is naturally talented, “Asta” does not know how to handle the magic. Thus, during the ceremony of attribution of their grimoire(a book of magic spells and invocations) ,Yuno receives the legendary clover grimoire  with four leaves whereas Asta was left empty-handed. Soon after, an old and mysterious black book decorated with a five-leaf clover popped up in front of “Yuno”! A grimoire of anti-magic …

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