Playstation Now, The New Sony Service Is Free For A Few Days In France


PS4 and PC players, the new Sony service “Playstation Now” is free for a few days!

Sony made a first announcement and talked yesterday about its streaming game service: the PlayStation Now in the Paris Games Week (PGW) 2017 conference.

Playstation Now

You’ve probably heard about it: Playstation Now lets you stream a whole catalog of PS3 and PS4 video games directly from your PS4 or PC. You can now take advantage of the service since Sony announced it’s immediate launch.

The list of 480 Video Games that can be streamed is available at this address and naturally covers a large panel of the manufacturer’s catalog, most of the blockbusters (The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption etc …) being compatible with the PS Now. Note that the list should expand over time.

Playstation Now

So you can now try this new feature, which offers a free trial period of 7 days before moving to a monthly subscription of 16.99 € / month and gain access the wide variaties of the video games available on-line, you’ll also be able to make cloud backups and  unlock trophies associated with installed titles.


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