Netflix Announces Live Series For The Erased Manga Drama


Last March, we all heard about the production of a live Japanese series by Netflix, adapted from the manga of “Kei Sanbe”. Today, a broadcast date and a promotional poster have been unveiled.

Erased Manga Drama Netflix

The Live Series Of the Erased Manga Drama will start on December the 15th. Although the number of episodes is not yet defined, we know that the series will be available via Netflix in 190 countries.

the Erased series is directed by “Ten Shimoyama” on a screenplay by “Tomomi Okubo” and had already revealed its cast, which is as follows:

  • Reo Uchikawa: Satoru Fujinuma jeune
  • Mio Yûki: Airi Katagiri
  • Rinka Kakihara: Kayo Hinazukijeune
  • Shigeyuki Totsugi: Gaku Yashiro
  • Yûki Furukawa: Satoru Fujinuma adulte
  • Tomoka Kurotani: Sachiko Fujinuma
  • Noriko Eguchi: Akemi Hinazuki
  • Jin Shirasu: Kenya Kobayashi
  • Hidekazu Mishima: Sawada

Erased Manga Drama Netflix Cast Characters

This will be the second time that a “Kei Sanbe’s” manga will be the subject of a live adaptation. In March 2016, a live film directed by Yûichirô Hirakawa was released, casting the actor “Tatsuya Fujiwara” in the lead role as the main character.

– Erased Manga Drama Synopsis:

It’s the year 2006. Satoru Fujinuma is an Aspiring mangaka whose career struggles to take off, in the meanwhile he works as a pizza delivery guy for a living. Satoru Fujinuma looks always numb and unwilling to open up to others, he observes the world around him without really taking part. Yet, he has an exceptional gift: every time an incident or a tragedy unfolds near him, he can project himself a few minutes in the past to prevent the inevitable before it happens.

This anomaly of space-time earned him a hospital stay the day when he tried to catch crazy driver riding his truck, Sotaru was hit by another vehicle full force. After the accident, little by little, his forgotten traumatic childhood memories  resurface …


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