Date A Live Season 3 Anime


– Date A Live Season 3:

Date A Live is a light-novel written by Kôshi Tachibana and will soon be the subject of a new animated series, according to the author’s comments via his Twitter account …

the writer presented a formal visual Through the social network, including the hook “Anime New Series”. No more information was specified for now, so we do not know yet whether it will be a direct sequel of the first two seasons, or if any other plot is on the way. Similarly, the technical staff is also still unknown.

Date A Live Season 3 Anime

Date A Live Light-novel written by Kôshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako, Date A Live is published by Fantasia Bunko and currently has 17 volumes in Japan. The first two seasons, broadcast in 2013 and 2014, have respectively 12 and 10 episodes. While waiting for more information.

– Date A Live synopsis:

Thirty years ago, an explosion called space distortion caused the death of 150 million people.  These strange phenomena are frequent and Provoked by the appearance of spirits, especially in Japan. The spirits are pretty girls with dream bodies and far from being monstrous entities, real cuties to tell the truth. So in order to master these pretty creatures, a high school student will have the mission to seduce them…


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