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– Sword Art Online Hollow Realization PC:

After being released almost a year ago on consoles, Sword Art Online Hollow Realization video game finally arrived this week on PC via Steam in deluxe edition. All previous DLCs, already available on console, and “Abyss of the Shrine Maiden” are accessible to get the full game.

sword art online hollow realization pc

In 2026, 4 years after the incident that left thousands of players stuck in a VRMMORPG, a new game is launched: Sword Art Origins. Ready to return to this world full of nostalgia? And who is this girl called “Premiere”? This game does not look very dangerous, but this is just the beginning…

Moving into the entirely new world of Sword Art Origins, players in Sword Art Online Hollow Realization PC will meet Sword Art Online’s iconic characters such as Kirito, Asuna and Sinon, and discover a new mysterious NPC(non playable character), “Premiere”. Among the novelties announced, players will have the opportunity to fully customize their characters and the avatar of Kirito by choosing his name, sex, weapons and physical appearance, from the color of the eyes to the sound of the voice. With this new custom avatar, players will evolve into an exclusive online mode, along with 3 other players and 4 AI-driven NPCs(non playable characters driven by artificial intellegence).

Sword Art Online Hollow Realization PC

Argo, well known for selling information to players in Sword Art Online, will once again help Kirito and his friends through their adventures. Players will be able to team up with this character and benefit from his experience to advance in the game.

Among the novelties, Emotion Void System, a key function in the communication between players in the game Each character has its own personality that is represented in the game by emotions that can be found in its menu. Players will need to be vigilant as these emotions can influence the characters’ abilities on the battlefield. The more they maintain their links with the members of their team, the better they will be during the fighting. Through this characteristic, the mystery surrounding Premiere will grow stronger. At first, she does not seem to feel emotions. Players will have to argue and fight alongside him to make his emotions grow.


New big bosses will be in Sword Art Online Hollow Realization PC too. Abyss the Legate and the Great Admiral Taurus, two giant Taurus who are able to associate and become a single boss with super powerful combo attacks. Players will also face Summon the Destiny Servant, and will have to deal with unpredictable attacks.

Sword Art Online Hollow Realization PC Boss

While traveling in the virtual world, players will also be able to improve their combat skills through the skill tree system. Many categories will be available, such as the skills of swordsman or fighter. In each category, players will learn different abilities to improve their way of fighting. Additional skills, depending on the player’s fighting style (attack, healing, assault, etc.), will also be available and allow players to become even more powerful. Players should be careful in their choices, as each skill can have a different effect in each fight!

Players will also be able to improve their relationships through the Cosleeping event, going to chat pleasantly with their partner while lying down.


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