Attack On Titan 2 Wings Of Freedom Release Date


-Attack On Titan 2 Wings Of Freedom Release Date:

We already knew that “Attack On Titan wings of freedom” video game would have a sequel and that it will come out in Europe first and then in The United States, but There was no official release date announced. It is now done: during a live video streaming, “Koei Tecmo” announced the release of the game in Europe will be on the month of March 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. And the game will be available in the U.S on July 2018 or even sooner.

Attack On Titan 2 Wings Of Freedom

Attack On Titan 2 Wings Of Freedom will adapt the same scenario of the second season of Attack on Titan Anime/Manga. This is the sequel to the adventure/action game A.O.T. – Wings of Freedom, which came out last year. We will thus find the all the action which the series is known for, with many new mechanics. Players will soon be able to put on their three-dimensional equipment to face the deadly Titans who threaten humanity and try to restore peace inside the walls of the city.

Watch below the live video of “Koei Tecmo” with a little bit of Attack On Titan 2 (in Japanese):

– Synopsis on Attack On Titan Series:

Attack on Titan is a series in which humanity is preyed upon by giant men eaters. To ensure the survival of the human race, they had to take refuge in cities and build huge walls around to protect them from the titans. But when the walls are not enough, it is the turn of the soldiers of the exploration battalion to come into play.

Because of their size and strength, titans easily gained ascendancy over humans. To defend themselves, they use the three-dimensional maneuvering kit that gives them great mobility and allows them to reach the weak point of the Titans: their neck. Each use of this kit gives rise to magnificent aerial choreography in the Anime show. Transcribing the sensations of the fighting and the three-dimensional maneuvering kit is not an easy task to develop for a video game, but Omega Force did it with great success!


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