The Third Generation Arrives In Pokemon Go For Halloween


-Pokemon Go Halloween:

As Halloween approaches, Niantic, Inc. has announced its next event dedicated to the fest of the dead. Several bonuses are on the program including the appearance of Pokemons of type Ghost from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Ghost Pokémons will be the Honor guests During this event, which starts tonight at 21:00 and ends on November the 2nd at the same Hour.  Some Pokemons from the third generation, such as Sableye and Banette, will make their appearance. And in general, All types of scary Pokemons will appear much more frequently, including: Gastly, Cubone, Houndour and Misdreavus. There’s also a disguised pikachu which Trainers can catch.

Pokemon Go Halloween

It will also be simpler to collect Candies during this period since the quantities that are harvested for catching or transferring a pokemon or hatch an egg will be doubled. Your Pokémon Buddy will also catch Candies faster. Finally, you will notice that picking up useful items such as Raid Passes or Super Incubators will happen more often. A Mimiqui hat will also be available for your avatar.


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