Japan Farewells Grape, The Anime Loving Penguin, After An Impossible Love Story


Grape, The Anime Loving Penguin:

Japan’s Tobu zoo has recently witnessed a very touching story of one of its most loyal and beloved Penguin animals who strangely fell in love with a cardboard cutout of an Anime female character named Hululu, to the point of spending the last minutes of his life next to her. This incident made a very moving story that circulated across all news media in the past few days.

The 21 years old Anime loving penguin, Grape,  is one of the old penguins in Tobu zoo, A garden located in the city Miyashiro in Japan. Grape was strangely attached to a cardboard cutout of Hululu after his former female penguin companion Midori left him for another male after spending many years with him.

Anime Loving Penguin

Hululu is an Anime character wearing a penguin outfit from the series “Kemono Friends” that was put near the residence of the penguins.

Despite the end of Hululu promotion with the zoo, the park crew decided to keep the Anime female character picture at the penguins residence because Grape was emotionally very attached to her to the extent that at one point, the old male penguin lifted his wings and beacon upward while standing in front of Hululu, a sign symbolizing the desire to escalate the relationship “to a serious stage” and take it “to another level”.

The end of Grape:

After Grape’s health was getting worse day by day, The workers’ at Tobu zoo left him spend the last days of his life next to his soul mate, Hululu, until his death on the last friday.

The official “Kemono Friends” twitter account also wrote:  “Grape has passed away, Thanks to all who supported him till today, Thank you also to Hululu, who was beside him to the very end. And thank you Grape for all these wonderful moments.”

Grape would have been around 80 in human years. RIP little fella.


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