Smokin’ Parade, Discover this Excerpt Of The Manga


We suggest an excerpt of the manga “Smokin’ Parade” for you to discover, which will land at the Kana editions on October 20th.

This is the new work of “Jinsei Kataoka” and “Kazuma Kondô”, the binomial at the origin of “Deadman Wonderland” and the manga adaptation of “Eureka Seven”. This dark series has been pre-published since 2015 in the magazine “Shônen Ace” by the publisher “Kadokawa Shoten”, and currently has three volumes in Japan.

Smokin' Parade

– Synopsis for Smokin’ Parade:

The organization of organ transplant “Heart No Tori” is a company which, after having developed a powerful medical technology, was able to replace defective parts of the human body by machine elements. On the darker side, this organization seems to be included with atrocious crimes where a mask bearing the effigy of an animal is left on the crime scenes…it all turns out to be a plot against humanity where the new technology can take over its host, thus turning them into a killing machine.

“Mirai Kakujô” is a young girl who has just received two prostheses of legs and can walk again. While she was preparing a birthday party for her elder brother, some “thing” comes knocking on her door. Immediately, her brother “Yoko” passes out and wakes up later on his sister’s table that was physically “transformed” and had a rabbit’s head. While she was preparing to kill him, the “Jackalope Parade”, a group trained to fight “Ame no Tori”, violently murders “Mirai” before “Yôkô” eyes. While the latter that has been already dismembered was about to die, one of the men present at that scene seemed to pay attention to him …


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