Spirit Pact Anime Season Two Is On The Making


Whereas the first season of Spirit Pact Anime was completed, the Anime’s official twitter account recently announced that a continuation of the series is on the making. It will be necessary to be patient if you want to discover this second part right away, since no release date was specified. The Twitter account only mentioned that the second season will be out soon

Spirit Pact Anime season 2

Spirit Pact Anime is a Sino-Japanese production, a web-manhua adaptation of author “Tencent” , and it’s produced by Haoliners studio. the series is proposed to us in the US by Crunchyroll.


Keika Yô is a Heir to an old and large family to conjurers, He was completely lost after the death of his parents, So to survive, he started making small predictions for people in the street and also repairing computers. One day, He crossed the road with Ki Tanmoku, a mysterious exorcist that was facing a demon at that time. Unfortunately, this meeting lead to a drama: Keika fell a victim to an accident and became a spirit. So, Ki passes a pact with him  and they started cooperating to conjure the demons. A great friendship between them is then born…



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