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Remember Digimon? These virtual little monsters that appeared at the end of the Nineties in Japan, then exported to the whole world? Well, It turned out that the licence is returning gradually to the west, whereas it had lost a bit of its popularity. We knew in the last mid-September about the appearance of an article speaking about a game called Digimon Linkz, which was expected to come out of Japan. And now we now that the game is already available on mobile.

Digimon linkz was initially launched in Japan last year, and from now on, it will be available on iOS and Android. In the game,   you can take part in a 3 vs 3 Digimon combat, a management part is also present! You will have to create your Digimon farm, where you will have to train and raise the Digimons in order to help them evolve their capacities. the game is for the moment available only in English, Korean and Chinese

In the game, you will be accompanied by “Hina” for support, which will be your guide and mentor, it will lead your first steps in Digimon Linkz. During the game, you will have to gather the “fragments” To avoid the destruction of the digital world of Digimon, . It is your Digimon farm which will serve as HQ for you and your Digimons. Regarding the size of the game, you’ll have to have approximately 142 Mo of space to install the game, It’s worth mentioning that the game is free, in-app purchases are however present.
While waiting for you to make up your mind whether or not to try the game, I’ll leave you with some screen-shots from the beginning:

Digimon Linkz is now available on iOS and Android.


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