Mob Psycho 100, The new wacky manga from the creator of One Punch Man


After the famous One Punch Man, “Kurokawa” is proud to offer you yet another manga Called Mob Psycho 100 of the facetious mangaka of One Punch Man. In the usual wacky style , discover the adventures of Shigeo Kageyama, a teenager with psychic powers who dreams of carrying out a quiet life.

It is in the college of “salt”, in the town of “the seasoning”, where this young kid Shigeo Kageyama studies, alias “Mob”. He is not a member of any club, nor of any committee. He is without a girlfriend or a friend. And in spite of an astonishing passivity in his daily life, he lives many adventures thanks to his psychic powers. It’s easy for him to twist spoons by the thought and to make heavy objects circle in space without touching them, or to even see dead people with something similar to the “Sixth sens”. However, to be socially accepted seems, on the other hand, being a challenge much more difficult for him to raise…

Mob Psycho 100 Volume 1

As powerful as easy to handle, this poor hero gets constantly involved in surrealist stories by a gallery of the most goofy characters you could think of . From a so-called medium to a strange “sect of the smile” and passing by his college comrades… Shigeo really does not have the time to be a normal teenager. While reading through the manga, the reader is regularly warned of the different levels of the emotional load of Shigeo. When he reaches the 100% in the middle of a perilous situation, the teenager gives way to an entity with devastating and uncontrollable powers. What is this thing that even Shigeo does not seem to be able to control? well, you’ll find the answer in Mob Psycho 100.

The three volumes of Mob Psycho 100 are currently available.  A lot of hilarious and completely grotesque situations will leave our hero completely furious, when he is not playing around of course. And the things eventually do get more interesting and tougher when you learn that also many other people are also equipped with similar psychic powers too.

With the very attaching character of Shigeo Kageyama, and the often touching adolescent discomfort, You won’t be able to stop reading Mob Psycho 100 until you finish it all. you will witness a lot of Completely  amusing scenes and hilarious dialogues with a lot of touches so characteristic to the famous One Punch Man. Join the journey and witness and insane world in which Mob finally seems to be the only sane one .

Mob Psycho 100 Volume 2Mob Psycho 100 Volume 3

Mob Psycho 100 Volume 4


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