Overwatch: Pay Attention, A Rare Bug Causing Seasonal Bans Within The First Fault


Anxiously trying to improve the quality of the Overwatch communnity, Blizzard recently set up a system of permanent banns in the competitive mode which can apply like an ultimate punishment for gamers that “went through” all of the types of sanctions for bad behavior. Problem is: the developer of the game revealed to have some concern with the system, in particular because of a rare bug which causes a seasonal ban with the first fault committed.


The information was revealed yesterday on the official Blizzard forums: approximately 200 players would have undergone a banishment of the competitive season in the course of theirs first error. The most common cause of banishment (non final) is to have left the Overwatch match before it ends, which can unfortunately arrive quite easily (logout, disturbance in the course of the game which can lead to the AFK…). If the small sanctions (banns of a few minutes, then one hour in case of repetitive faults) can be justified, a complete season ban to the first skid is all the same very severe, and especially, non desired by the studio itself.


Blizzard announced that it has restored the progression and the right to play in competitive mode for the two hundred players identified as having been victims of the seasonal ban in Overwatch to their first error, but the developer announces in the same time that he still hasn’t identified the cause of the bug, and cannot thus communicate the date of its fixing.

therefore note, that if you are the object of a banishment for the whole season whereas you left an ongoing game only once before it was ended , the sanction is then neither normal, nor is wanted by the developers, and that you should contact Blizzard support to have them cancel this unjustified punishment.


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