Super Mario Odyssey will not be recommended to all public in Japan


In a little more than one month, the former plumber with the red cap will make his arrival on Nintendo Switch for a new adventure: Super Mario Odyssey. If last week we revealed to you the size of the dematerialized version of the game, this time  another information held our attention.

Super Mario Odyssey will not be to put between all the hands that want to play it. It is what the classification of the game that was played in Japan indicated. Infact, the licenced games Nintendo which were related to the licence Mario were until now always classified CERO A, the equivalent of our PEGI 3, meaning it can be played for all public or disadvised with the children of less than 3 years. However, the organization which manages the classification of the Japanese games has this time given to Super Mario Odyssey… classification CERO B, that is to say the equivalent of our PEGI 12!


Why this change of classification? For certain players, this reversal is due to the anatomical representation closer to reality for Mario (who has nipples, quite simply…), but that can be due also to a moderate presence of violence, an inappropriate language, or the starting postulate of the game: the removal of Peach the princess by Bowser for a forced marriage. In short, as many reasons which will be elucidated only at the time of the launch of the game, when one can really confront oneself with it. If the news can make us smile even a little bit, this remains however a first in the history of the mascot of Nintendo, which had hitherto succeeded with always remaining very public.

Super Mario Odyssey will be available on October 27th on Nintendo Switch


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