Real Playstation platinum trophies for the Australian Playstation players


Trophies hunting has been a practice more and more widespread among gamers for a few years now. Unlocking achievements, or trophies, appeared in 2005 on the Xbox 360 of Microsoft and were largely democratized ever since. Too much that it is now currently possible for the Australian PlayStation players to obtain Real Playstation platinum trophies!

There is what to be jealous of here, The Australians have just brought Trophies hunting to a whole new other level. This news was announced by the Australian branch of the official Playstation website then released in video teaser displaying Real Playstation platinum trophies. All the residents of Australia and who are members of the Playstation Plus Program can join the competition labelled “Playstation Plus platinum Hunters”, a competition which consists in obtaining the ultimate trophy in a selection of video games… then be rewarded by Playstation with a physical version of the trophy! Four physical replicas of the famous Platinum Trophy were created by PlayStation and will be rewarded to the selected candidates.

All of this is of course about a communications operation, but which will materialize the achievements of the best players in a true trophy of platinum . As from 09/26/2017, the players who will platinize “FIFA 18” will be able to take part in competition and to likely gain a true platinum trophy. For those who are not fans of football, it will be possible for them to take part in platinizing “Grand Turismo” Sport starting from October 18th then “Call of Duty: WWII” starting from November 3rd. To take part, it is necessary to be Australian and share on Facebook or Twitter a screen-shot made during obtaining the trophy of platinum, with the hashtag #PlusPlatinumHunters. A beautiful initiative to reward the hunters for trophies, who are increasing in number day by day, which we would like to see arriving to America and Europe.


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