GTA Online: Details about the additions and promotions of the week


Like each week, Rockstar details the new content to come as well as the various  bonuses and races planning available in GTA Online, the multiplayers mode of GTA V.

This week, we remain in the field of aviation since Rockstar adds the Buckingham Howard NX-25, a single-seat aircraft with a propeller. This last is presented like one mix between old style and the performances of a modern plane. The players can order it on Elitas Travel,  from the menu of the game.

GTA Online -Buckingham Howard NX-25

But this is not all, since starting from today and until October the 2nd, GTA $ and RP are doubled in “Bombushka Run Mode”, about which we spoke about days ago. And if you are looking for some good old underground combat, obtain the double of rewards in all the rivalry modes which take place in a bunker. Also until October 2nd, the places of production of motorcyclists, as well as the research and the production of the bunkers will go 25% more quickly than usually, thus enabling you to gain much more.

After talking about Aviation, GTA Online sets up also a series of promotions until October 2nd concerning the flying activities:

  • -15% on Hangar 1 of LS aeroport
  • -25% on Hangar A2 of Fort Zancudo
  • -25% on ground decorations and lightings of Hangar
  • -35% on the two “Savage” prices (Helicopter)
  • -35% on the two Buckingham swift models (Helicopter)
  • -40% on the Backingham swift deluxe (Helicopter)
  • -25% on the parachutes (including the bag and trails of smoke)

Lastly, the editor also revealed the planning of Premium and the against-the-watch(Time) races, always until October 2nd:

  •  Daredevil race premium – “Climbing”
  • Againstthewatch  Vinewood Bowl

GTA Online is accessible from GTA V, available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and PC.


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