Soul Guardians, new manga of fantasy action of the Komikku editions


After Snow Illusion in 2015, Icori Andô will be returning to the Komikku editions with a series of a very different kind: Soul Guardians, a more known work in Japan under the title Butterfly Storage. This series is in hand since 2016 in the magazine Comic Ryû of Tokuma Shoten, and counts for the moment two volumes. Action and fantasy should mix around the Soul Brigade, a brigade preserving the memories of deceased persons via butterflies, and making it possible to the relatives and friends of the defunct to then keep a contact with them to better support their mourning and relieve their sadness . But the members must also fight against traffickers of souls selling the butterflies to the highest offerers…
The first volume of Soul Guardians will be available on November the 9th


Synopsis by the editor:

When a person dies, its body breaks up quickly,but before that, it releases a butterfly which contains all the data concerning the life of the dead one. These butterflies are captured, collected and preserved by a special unit, the “Soul Brigade”. The relatives and friends of the missing individuals then have the possibility of communicating with them in the form of hologram, which makes mourning more bearable. Ono, The main character, lost all his family in an air crash, fourteen years ago. But since this tragedy, the body of Senri, his/her twin sister, is always intact whereas the butterfly which contains its heart and soul was captured,leaving it thus unconscious and in a vegetative state. In order to solve this mystery and to offer the eternal rest to his sister, Ono, goes head first into the action, integrating the famous “Soul Guardians Brigade”.


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