YouTube Gaming introduces a system of subscription inspired by twitch


If  Twitch remains a reference in terms of streaming for the amateurs of video games and gaming, the challenger, YouTube Gaming, continue to take some market shares by improving its services. From now on, the video makers can evolve in a more stable ecosystem economically. After having recently re-examined its platform in terms of latency and features, Google improved on the side of finances, a point which should interest the gamers wishing to live at least partly on their activity of streaming.


If you go on YouTube Gaming, you will notice a new button “To sponsor” on the page of your favorite youtubers or video makers; it allows, as on Twitch, to support them by pouring 4.99 dollars monthly, which unlocks some cool feature bonuses like exclusive badges and emojis, or immunity against youtube  slow mode that restricts users in terms of how many messages they can send within a certain amount of time . This promises to change the Youtube Gaming Platform situation against other famous streaming platforms such as Twitch in the months and the years to come, with a viable solution for streamers who are not obliged any more to rely on external fund-raising services such as Patreon.


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