Steam updates its system of criticisms to limit abuse


The famous platform of reference for the PC , Mac and Linux Gamers , Steam,  can direct our purchases according to the feed back of the people having previously played the games which interest us . A system which is invalidated when the purpose of these criticisms are only to cause harm to the developers and their hard work making those video games . We have already seen it several times this year , with a dynamiting campaign of GTA V following the withdrawal of OpenIV then , recently , a torrent of negative criticisms addressed to Firewatch , following the standpoint of Campo Santo, a small video game developing studio and it’s Co-founder “Sean Vanaman” towards the famous youtuber Pewdiepie following the controversy he made when he dropped the N word in front of thousands of people watching while he was streaming playing a video games called player unknown battlegrounds .


The principle of criticism is put at evil when the participants make use of it like a tool of protest towards another subject than the game itself . In an official statement , Valve indicates to have taken knowledge of the problem , and to have thought of several solutions like the temporary blocking of the evaluations feature on the Steam review section when an abnormal phenomenon occurs , or the suppression of the score of evaluations . In its effort to not penalize the players and prevent them from giving their opinions , the company finally implemented an interesting functionality : you will notice a plank taking in consideration the details of the activity of criticisms , with the possibility of isolating certain types of feed backs and certain periods . One can then make his own analysis , identifying himself the “ temporary distortions ” and deciding if it should or not influence his purchase on Steam.


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