Dragon Ball Super One-Hour Special


Dragon ball super one-hour special


Okay so we have a little bit more insight into some of the upcoming events of Dragon Ball super in particular(Dragon ball super one-hour special), this may be an insight and a little bit of a spoiler for the one-hour special episode of Dragon Ball super where we’re seemingly going to see Goku square off against Jiren and activate that new form that we’ve seen teased (Goku’s Limit Breaker: the black hair with the blue aura around him with the silver eyes etc…) so let’s take a look at it and we’ll talk a little bit more.

Goku has a tough fight against the mightiest warrior, a bargain one-hour special where you can see two episodes worth of material all in one go! the mightiest warrior, Jiren, stands in Goku’s way! even Goku’s kaio-ken times 20 is no match. And so Goku fires his ace in the hole technique?.

My thoughts:

Ok now, about the ace-in-the-hole technique, only what I could think of is the spirit bomb, but the spirit bomb wouldn’t work because Jiren isn’t evil and you must have some evil within you for the Spirit Bomb to work on you, and that I’m not sure of unless we are talking about the Kamehameha. But I don’t see that as Goku’s ace-in-the-hole technique to be honest, so I’m kind of curious what that means.
For starters everybody wants to see the times 20 kaio-ken not working against Jiren which i didn’t really expect it to, because if using the kaio-ken in combination with Super Saiyan blue is not going to be enough to do anything then nothong else could.
but also the ace in the hole technique that’s having me wonder, is it the Spirit Bomb or is it something totally different? a new technique that Goku’s been saving up so we could potentially see the birth of a new technique? I’m not really sure there but this is all leading towards once again why Goku’s will have to have that new form(Limit Breaker Form).

Dragon ball super one-hour special

which also makes me question for starters.. is Jiren really this overpowered? because the fact that everything that Goku has is his disposal is nothing against this fighter is ridiculous. this Jiren is gonna beat him either way.
So I’m curious what’s going to lead Goku to this new transformation. Does he already have it or is he gonna unlock it? is it in the process or where does this transformation come from? So I want to ask you about your overall thoughts and how 20 times kaio-ken is nothing against Jiren, on top of that about Goku’s ace in the whole technique .. what do you think?


it’s a small little spoiler for that one-hour special but we’re about a month away from it and I’m expecting some crazy things to happen.

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