Pikachu Continue to Multiply in This Year’s Yokohama Parade

The Pikachu population in Yokohama is growing out of control in the annual Yokohama parade. Last year’s march of 1,000 Pikachu will be outdone this year as organizers promise at least 1,500 of the iconic rodent when the event kicks off on August 9. This year’s event is titled “Pikachū Dake janai Pikachū Tairyō Hassei-chū!” (Not Only Pikachu, but a Lot of Pikachu-chu!) and will culminate on August 14 with a huge festival in the Minato Mirai shopping area.


The Latin-flavored carnival will take to the streets while Pikachu can be spotted on both land, sky, and sea.


This week-long Pikachu-themed festival began in 2014 and has since become an annual summer event in Yokohama.

[Via Nijimen]


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